You certainly know very well how important are trainings for sellers in the store or in customer service in the final balance of profit for your business.
Each of the buyers can bring your store thousands of zlotys, if it is not a one-time purchase.

Have you ever wondered how to get customers who will be loyal? Don’t worry, thanks to such training you will gain this valuable knowledge.

You probably also realize that you will never get a second chance to make a good first impression, and in today’s competitive world, companies can’t afford to miss the opportunity to positive surprise the customer.

Buyers are your most important asset, and everything you do is aimed at attracting them, encouraging you to re-purchase and recommend your store.

Therefore, professional customer service, increasing their satisfaction with shopping will be the key to success.

Professional customer service in stores is particularly important. Is it professional in your store and does it solve the problems of Buyers?
If not, then we can not talk about a high standard of customer service, but about the salespeople performing their duties without passion.
This is particularly evident in supermarkets.
Such a mechanical approach to people who visit the store sabotages your success. Serving Clients on AVERAGE, you can’t expect other results than the AVERAGE.

The key to developing and increasing sales in a small grocery store or a large supermarket every month is to establish relationships with people who make purchases with you. Professional customer service is the ability to deal with any type of personality and provide professional help.
A good seller knows the rules of establishing a relationship with a client, becoming a trusted adviser for him. The person whose problem you solve will become your loyal customer.

Investing in providing excellent customer service is one of the most valuable things you can do to grow your business.

Many studies have shown that satisfied customers buy more, buy more often, and tell their friends to buy too. Having satisfied customers starts with exemplary customer service, and the provision of professional customer service starts with employing the right people and training them.
Do you want your customers to feel treated exceptionally and individually in your store?

If so, we have a solution for you:

Training – Professional Customer Service

It is a training for managers, sales people, and any other person who has direct contact with a client… often a difficult customer.

Benefits for the company:
*Customer satisfaction and sales increase.
*The image of a company that cares about the client, his needs and expectations.

Course Overview:
1. What is the customer service in my shop?
2. What you need to do to serve the customer well – 7 principles of professional customer service in the store.
4. What is my store and how the customer sees it – practical exercise.
5. What do clients give us and why is it worth taking care of them?
*Customer service quality assessment sheet.
*Frequent situations that irritate customers.
*What happened in my store – a movie – a recording from the Mystery Shoppeing visit.
*What you can’t do in the store – a summary based on videos.
6. Difficult situations in the store – why customers are difficult?
7. How to deal with a difficult customer?
8. Active sale – recommending products – practical exercise.

Training methods:

This training is practical, because learning through experience is the best way to gain
specific skills and change the habits of participants. It is especially important during the training of dealing with a difficult customer.

Duration of the course: 8 hours (one day)

Number of participants: 10 people

Before the training, we propose an audit in the form of a mysterious customer visit with a recording option to identify the strengths and weaknesses of customer service in your store.

Coach: Marzanna Nikliborc
Contact: +48 511 072 832, [email protected]